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Adventures, holidays etc:
2000 cycle tour in Lincolnshire.
2001 HPV World Championships in Brighton.
Cyclevision in 2002 and 2003 - an international recumbent bicycle racing event
2003 Cycling holiday in the Netherlands with children.
A visit to the Dutch cycle museum Velorama in Nijmegen in 2005
Land's End to John O'Groats 2006 - final (long) summary with photos and video.

Adventures at EO I used to work for a company which was trying to make the world's first PDA.
How Sony-BMG stole Christmas What happened when I tried to buy my daughter a copy of Dido's "Life for Rent" for Christmas.
Imtech NTSC decoder modifications
Dual CS505-2 turntable
Goldring '88' turntable
House Buying Tips which I wrote when trying to find a suitable house to buy.
List of Cambridge Estate Agents with contact details for each.

Dutch Bike Bits shop for products which are not easy to find elsewhere.
Our bikes.
Islabikes Trailerbikes
Xtracycle Free-Radical cargo bike conversion.
Cheap folding bicycles which we bought for a recent journey and which worked out very well.

Peter Frazer's midicode microtonal synthesizer
Leslie Ray, translator and writer
Ian Miller's computer security company, Singularis Ltd
Outspoken Delivery - a bicycle delivery service in Cambridge

Cycling campaigning:
a blog largely about cycling.
Study Tours in Assen in the Netherlands.
Photos of cycling conditions in the Netherlands.
Articles about cycling.
Cambridge Cycling
Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Company of Cyclists
Cyclists Special video from 1955 - how relaxed cycling used to be in the UK, but sadly no longer is. The Dutch have kept this atmosphere for their cyclists, mainly because they can ride without worrying about traffic.

Cycling clubs:
British Human Power Club
NVHPV - Dutch recumbent organisation.

Cycling magazines:
Velovision Magazine
City Cycling Magazine

Other Cycling:
Cyclofiend - a great gallery of bikes.
WoList.com - Sports - Cycling - Antique and collectible bikes

Cycling Holidays:
Cycling holidays in Assen. Assen is the capital of Drenthe, the cycling province of the Netherlands. Probably the best place in the world for a cycling holiday.
Get Cycling Weeks - We've been on these several years. Wonderful holidays.
The Lake Pepin 3 speed tour - Sounds like marvellous fun, but as it's in the US it's a bit far away for us.

Cambridge Vegans and Vegetarians
The Vegan Society
Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Veganica - online gallery of vegan artists
The Gallery Upstairs

Daily Bread, Cambridge
Dutch Bike Bits shop for products which are not easy to find elsewhere.
Westcountry Recumbents
Xtracycle Europe - I use one of these excellent bikes for taking my baskets to the post office. Read my review of the Xtracycle.

Dr Hadwen Trust

Local Information:
East Cambridge On Line News
Cambridge Directory

My old webpage:
Bike light
SVHS tapes