Netherlands Cycling Holiday

Bizarre adverts and features from old magazines

I've a few old magazines which contain very amusing adverts. These are a selection sorted into categories.

These come from many sources...

Odd cycling products

Over the years, many odd cycling inventions have been made into products. Here are some of them

"Knee Action for your bicycle". From a 1930s Popular Mechanics magazine. An early example of bicycle suspension (there are some others in the velorama cycle museum).

"I'd rather have any old bicycle with a good Musselman Cartridge Coaster Brake than a swell looking bike with an old-fashioned brake. Remember that name, Musselman..."

Apparently these were quite well engineered brakes, however the marketing department seem to have preferred to present them as fly-by-night operators.

I have a page of other cycling articles.

Traffic problems in 1959

As you can read in the caption of this photo, the problem of trying to always cater for growth in traffic by building new roads was already recognized in 1959, but that's still what most of the world seems to have been doing for the last 50 years. Some places are doing a bit better.

Dutch firework safety adverts

These were shown on Dutch TV in December 2007, leading up to the huge number of fireworks let off on as part of New Year celebrations.

Simply odd...

Raise Giant Frogs. Start in your backyard. Big Profits, Market Waiting. Ad from the American Frog Canning Company.

Was the market for Canned Giant Frogs larger in the 1930s than it is now ? This is one of many odd money making scheme adverts.

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