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Recumbent Bicycle rear basket

This page is all about the basket I make specifically for recumbent bicycles. I also make all kinds of baskets for other types of bikes.

Note that the basket is shaped like the back of a boat. This gives a reasonably aerodynamic shape (your luggage being behind you, this is surely more aerodynamic than panniers) and a sleek look. A stripe can be made in several colours.

Showing the hole for a camelbak tube to reach the rider The interior of the recumbent basket

A hole can optionally be provided for a camelbak (or similar) tube to reach the rider from inside the basket.

The interior size varies depending on the size of basket requested. In this case it is approximately 30 litres in size, which compares well to many panniers. As this mounts on top of a rear rack, it can be used at the same time as panniers hanging from the rack.

Photo of me riding my Ross

Mounted on a Speed Ross recumbent bike. I have raced this setup. The basket may look a little high on this bike, but it's actually behind my shoulders when I'm riding:

Basket mounted on Pashley PDQ recumbent bicycle

Mounted on a Pashley PDQ bike.

Basket mounted on Flevobike Oke-Ja>

Mounted on a Flevobike Oke-Ja (similar in dimensions to the BikeE)

Other sizes can be made to order, and different (natural) colour willow can be added:

A different basket with stripes of green willow

For a basket of 15" (38cm) wide, 16" (41cm) long and 10" (25cm) deep and with a lid, the price is . This includes a single lorica strap to hold the basket shut. Without a lid, the same size of basket costs .

I rode from Land's End to John o'Groats on the PDQ using the basket to carry much of what I had with me. It's very practical.

Click for quality parts for your recumbent.

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