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Holiday 2010 - Drenthe, Groningen, Bourtange and Germany

In July 2010 we went on a family holiday, starting at home in Assen and cycling for not too extraordinary distances each day. Our children are now aged 14 and 16, and ride daily so they're used to doing pretty good distances, but this was a relaxing holiday, not a race, so we planned to do quite short distances. What's more, we were taking our dog with us, and he'd want to walk for at least some of the trip, slowing us down.

Our dog, Harry, sat in his own bicycle trailer, and we used baskets and other trailers to carry the rest of our things.

First day - Monday 19th July 2010

We got going fairly late after packing everything onto our bikes and trailers...

And some day soon I'll get around to finishing this web page...

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Netherlands Cycling Holiday