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Comparing British roads with Dutch equivalents

It is quite common for British people to claim that roads in the UK are not wide enough to accommodate cycling infrastructure on the Dutch model. This is not actually true. Dutch planners have fitted good quality infrastructure for cyclists into many situations where British planners, and even British cycle campaigners, will say there "isn't enough room."

These photos, contributed by an anonymous reader of our blog and taken from Google Maps show similar roads in the UK and the Netherlands. In each case, the image on the left is from the UK and the image on the right is from the Netherlands.

We organise Study Tours which show the excellent provision for cyclists in the Netherlands to interested parties, be they campaigners, council officers, planners, engineers, journalists or just interested cyclists. Please see our web page for more details.

"There's not enough room" is just one of many reasons commonly given for why cycling infrastructure doesn't exist in other places. See our myths and excuses blog post.

Interested in knowing more ? Read about how Dutch cities were transformed twice in the 20th century, first to accommodate motor vehicles and then a second time to remove them again. If you want to see this for yourself, consider a Study Tour.

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