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Holdsworth bicycle

For nearly ten years, until I sold it in 2006 when we were preparing to move house, I was lucky enough to have a marvellous fillet-brazed Holdworth bicycle.

The bike came to me from a neighbour who was clearing out and knew that I liked old bikes. It was a a bit mucky but it turned out I was being offered a really wonderful bike with lots of fabulous details to the design.

Hiduminium Stem made by GBHoldsworth "Worthy" name badge

From left to right, wonderful original GB "Hiduminium" stem (the brakes were also "Hiduminium") and the "Worthy Holdsworthy London" embossed badge.

Fantastic fillet brazingOriginal Reynolds 531 sticker

Fillet brazing and the Reynolds 531 sticker which appeared when I scraped away some of the unfortunate hammerite paintjob.

Original steel chainsetOld handlebar shape and interesting right brake lever with thumbwheel adjustment.

Steel cottered chainset, antique shape handlebars, basket which I used for OS map and water bottle. The bike came with one decent quality GB superhood brake lever. I fitted the other nasty one because I needed something to rest my left hand on, but only one brake was fitted as I mostly braked by retarding the pedals.

The bike came to me with a low quality 5 speed derailleur gear system fitted, but I set the bike up as a fixed wheel witha 46-15 ratio (about 82 inches) and rode it like that. It was a fast bike and pretty light. The gearing was obviously intended for use on the flat, but I rode it over most hills in the area, such as those around the Swaffhams and Wilbrahams between Cambridge and Newmarket and over the Gogs to Fulbourn.

The rather sad and limp Brooks saddle stayed as I didn't think anything else would suit the bike and being a veggie, I wasn't about about to buy another leather saddle to replace this one.

I fitted SPD pedals because it is dangerous to use a fixed wheel bike with flat pedals and I don't like old-fashioned clips.

I believe the bike is a Holdsworth LaQuelda.

Despite some of the components not being apparently designed for low weight (e.g. the chainset), the bike as a whole weighed in very respectably at just under 10 kg. The fantastic frame was largerly the reason why. This was a really wonderful bike to ride, and I very much enjoyed riding fixed. However, old injuries in the hands meant that I couldn't sustain the position needed to ride it much further than 40 km or so without pain. I tried the bike fitted with tri-bars for a while, which was a bit better, but ultimately when we came to move it had to go.

Suitable tyres and a selection of different handlebar styles can be found in our webshop.

We now live in the Netherlands and organise cycling holidays in this wonderful country.

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