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David Hembrow

Traditional English Willow basketmaker. Assen, Netherlands    ---    Worldwide shipping

Willow shortage

Please note that due to a limited supply of both willow and time I'm not making as many baskets as I used to.

At present I'm only making bicycle baskets which appear in stock on the website of our online bicycle parts and accessories shop. Click here to go directly to the baskets which are currently in stock.

We have two other small businesses with which we support ourselves, selling tried and tested bicycle components and organising cycling holidays in the beautiful area in which we live.

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Many different shapes of baskets can be made from English Willow. As you will see by looking at the history section of the website, many unusual commisions have been manufactured by my family in the past. A challenge is always welcome. More conventional baskets make up the majority of what I produce, and examples of these are shown below.

All baskets shown here were made by myself in my own workshop. Also, a few of my father's very nice wheeled shopping baskets remain available. All the baskets are made of English Willow grown in Somerset.

It is usually possible to make baskets with a detail in a different colour if this is what a customer prefers. Some of the photos show baskets with colour highlights. The colours which are possible are detailed here.

You may have noticed that there is not an automated means of ordering most styles of baskets. People who are selling baskets imported in bulk from the far east offer this, but I do not as I am an individual making baskets by hand. I do not have a production line, or staff to turn to if I suddenly need more baskets. I can make unusual one off baskets for customers. I prefer that I am contacted by the customer, so that I can ensure that I don't disappoint anyone due to not being able to make a basket in the time that they would like. In general, I expect to be able to fulfill orders within a month, but sometimes I can do things a little sooner (please ask if a quicker delivery is important) and a few items are usually in stock and available immediately. Quantities tend to take longer.

Note that all dimensions given are approximate and there will be variations in these baskets as with all natural materials. Most sizes are given as the size of the base of the basket, with the top size often being greater. Special orders can be made to a maximum external dimension if required.

To place an order, please click here.

basket with alternating colours
Round Shopping basket / Fruit Picker
The shopping basket shown here is one of a variety of sizes available.
Diameter of base and top, height of basket (excluding handle)
8", 11" diameter, 8" high (20cm, 28cm, 20cm) (top basket shown in picture)
9", 12" diameter, 8" high (22cm x 30cm, 20cm) (bottom basket in picture)
10", 13" diameter, 8" high (25cm x 33cm, 20cm)
These baskets are shaped such that the diameter of the top of the basket will be between 2 and 4 inches larger than the base. For example, the basket in the photograph measures over 10" diameter at the top of the basket.
Picture of an Oval Shopping basket with dipped sides
Picture of Oval Shopping baskets
Pictures of a variety of shopping baskets
Oval Shopping basket
Oval shopping baskets are available in a range of sizes:
Length by Width of base, Length by Width at top of basket, height (excluding handle)
11" x 7", 18" x 11", 7" high dipped sides (28cm x 18cm, 46cm x 28cm, 20cm) (top picture)
11" x 7", 16" x 11", 8" high (28cm x 18cm, 41cm x 28cm, 20cm) (middle picture, right)
11" x 7", 18" x 12", 9" high (28cm x 18cm, 46cm x 30cm, 23cm) (middle picture, left)
14" x 9", 17" x 12", 7" high (36cm x 23cm, 43cm x 30cm, 18cm) (shown in top picture)
16" x 11", 22" x 15", 9" high (41cm x 28cm, 56cm x 38cm, 23cm)

Rectangular Shopping basket
Rectangular shopping baskets. The large size shown here really is quite big, bigger than I'd suggest is bought for shopping trips as it's heavy to carry when full. I supply these to our excellent local wholefood cooperative, The Daily Bread, for customers to use when shopping as they are a good size for that use:
Length by Width of base, Length by Width at top of basket, height (excluding handle)
11" x 7", 15" x 10", 7" high (28cm x 18cm, 38cm x 26cm, 20cm) (top picture)
19.5" x 14", 19" x 14", 9.5" high (49cm x 36cm, 24cm) (bottom picture)
Picture of a log basket with stripe of white
Picture of a log basket
Log / Laundry Basket
These are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for keeping logs near the fire place, for taking laundry to and from the washing line or for storing toys.
Diameter of base, top and height of basket excluding handle
12" base diameter, 14" top diameter, 12" high (30cm, 35cm, 30cm)
14" diameter, 16" top diameter, 14" high (35cm, 41cm, 35cm)
14" diameter,18" top diameter, 18" high (35cm, 46cm, 46cm)
16" diameter, 20" diameter, 18" high (41cm, 51cm, 46cm) (shown in picture)
These baskets are shaped so that the top of the basket is larger than the base. The base size and heights given are quite accurate, but the top diameter is an approximation (measured on actual baskets).
Picture of fire (umbrella) basket Umbrella Stand / Walking stick stand / Planter
I produce these baskets (to BS 336) for the fire brigade, who use them as strainers when pumping water from ditches and ponds. Most, if not all, fire engines in the UK carry a basket like this. Due to their shape, they are also useful as umbrella stands, or for holding other long items, such as baguettes. Customers also use these for trailing plants.

These are straight sided baskets as they have to fit inside a specially shaped hole on the fire engine. They also have an opening which is of a particular size to suit the size of pipe in use.
Diameter of base, height of basket, diameter of opening
9.5" x 20" (24cm x 50cm), 7.75" (19cm) opening (shown in picture)
7.5" x 16" (19cm x 40cm), 6.25" (16cm) opening
Flower basket picture
Flower basket picture
Flower Basket
Two different styles. The top picture is a basket with an inverted base, the lower has a flat bottomed round base at the bottom, changing gradually to an oval shape at the top. Either suitable for picking or display of flowers and other goods.
Diameter of base
10" (25cm) (shown in top picture)
12" (30cm)
8.5" (22cm)  base, top oval 10" (25cm) x 15" (38cm), height 7" (18cm) (shown in bottom picture)

Ideal for allotments, vegetables, flowers, fruit picking, mushroom gathering etc. Traditional style with a curved base.
Length, Width, Height excluding handle, height with handle
19" (48cm), 12" (31cm), 3" (7.5cm), 11" (28cm)
Linen basket, "Ali Baba" style
Linen Basket
"Ali Baba" shape, with a removeable lid. A very practical way of storing laundry before washing. My father made one of these for us as a wedding present 12 years ago, it's had daily use ever since, and it is still in fine condition. Those for sale are, of course, new.
Diameter of base, maximum diameter, height (excluding handle)
12", 15", 24" (30cm, 38cm, 61cm)
Oval Laundry basket, click for a larger picture
Oval Laundry Basket
For trips to the washing line and back. Again a very practical basket, popular as a wedding present. Handles at either end, and also a raised section in the middle. Can also be used as a log basket, for storing toys etc.
Length, Width, Height (excluding handle)
24", 17", 12" (61cm, 43cm, 30cm)
Small size pet basket suitable for a cat or a small dog
Round Cat / Dog Basket
Traditional shape with step in area. Pets like to curl up in these baskets, so you may need a smaller size than you think. Sides are nearly vertical, so the base size is very similar to the top size. The two sizes given here are examples. Other sizes can be made to order.
Diameter of base, height
14", 8" (35cm, 20cm) for a cat or small dog
20", 9" (51cm, 23cm) for medium size dog

Oval Dog Basket
Traditional shape with step in area. Sides are nearly vertical, so the top size will be slightly larger than the base size. Other sizes can be made to order.
Diameter of base, height
26" x 20", 11" (66cm x 51cm, 28cm)
Bicycle basket
Click here for more bike baskets
Bike Basket
There are many different styles of bicycle basket which I make for different types of bikes. Traditional styles as shown on the left and many special kinds.

Click here for bike baskets.
Waste Paper Baskets
Big waste paper baskets
Waste Paper Basket
The three shown at the top each have a different pattern in the weave, as you'll see if you look at the larger photo. The bottom two are a matching pair of larger baskets made for one client. More photos of different patterns on waste paper baskets can be seen
Diameter of base, Diameter of top, Height
6.5", 10", 10" (17cm, 25cm, 25cm)
10", 12", 12" (25cm, 30cm, 30cm)
Hanging Basket
Hanging Basket
For outdoor or indoor use. If used outdoors, this should be varnished. A waterproof liner is required. Plants, soil, hanger etc. not included.
Diameter, Height
12", 6" (30cm, 15cm)
Child's shopping basket
Child's shopping basket
Just like Mummy's, but small and light for children to carry. More childrens baskets are here. Or you can view on of a set of baskets used by bridesmaids at a wedding.
Diameter of Base, top, height (excluding handle)
6.5", 8", 6" (16cm, 20cm, 15cm)
Wedding baskets
Floral display baskets
The four shown here were made as centre pieces for tables at a wedding. They are 14" long, 9" wide and 3.5" deep, the handle is a 12" loop in a light twisted design, stronger than it looks as the pieces making up the handle are also in the base of the basket. Baskets similar to these can be made any size on request.

Also see the child's shopping baskets in the previous section which have been held by many a bridesmaid.
Contents not included !
Contents not included !
Fruit / Veg display baskets
Suitable for display of fruit and vegetables, or other goods. Ideal as a gift when packed with tasty treats.
Diameter of base and top, height
8.5", 12.5", 5" (22cm, 32cm, 12.5cm)
Storage Basket

Storage baskets

Made to order specifically for your requirements, any size and shape. Shown are several different orders of different sizes made specifically for some of my customers. I only make these to specific sizes for customers. There are more storage baskets on the unusual baskets page.

Please get in touch if you would like to order storage baskets, letting me know the size and shape, and I can quote you a price.

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