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Willow shortage

Please note that due to a limited supply of both willow and time I'm not making as many baskets as I used to.

Those baskets which I do make at present appear on the website of our online bicycle parts and accessories shop. Click here to go directly to the baskets which are currently in stock.

We have two other small businesses with which we support ourselves, selling tried and tested bicycle components and organising cycling holidays in the beautiful area in which we live.

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Bicycle baskets

Every bike basket shown on this page was made by myself in my own workshop. My website includes a video of me making a basket. They are high quality, long-lasting and, above all, practical bicycle baskets. My family and I cycle daily in all weathers and we use these bike baskets on our own bikes.

I offer customization that you won't find offered elsewhere. For instance, I make matching sets of front and rear bike baskets at no extra charge. Note the different colours of willow that can be used for details in your basket.

If you are unsure what you would like, perhaps look at the page of customers bikes fitted with my baskets.

I also make replicas of baskets fitted to vintage bicycles. Just let me know the dimensions and colour that you need.

Note that all dimensions given are approximate and there will be variations in these baskets as with all natural materials.

To place an order, please click here, for advice, contact me.

Traditional Wicker Bicycle basket
Bike basket with lid
Traditional Bike Basket
With a D shaped base and an optional hole in the back. The sides of the basket angle outwards.

If you have an older English bike with a lamp bracket on the handlebar stem, I can make a hole in the back of the basket to make it fit around the bracket. Modern bikes do not need a hole in the back of the basket. If you do need one, measure the distance vertically between the handlebars and the top of the horizontal part of the bracket and I will make the hole extend downwards from that point.

For fitting instructions, click here.
Width, Length and Height (all relative to the bike) Price
Buy it now price
includes postage and straps
14", 12", 9" (35cm, 30cm, 23cm)
Due to difficulties in obtaining willow, I can at present only make a limited selection of different colours and sizes. Baskets which are either in stock and ready to ship or can be shipped with a short delay can be found in our webshop.
Same size (14"), with a lid and one strap for closing the basket
16", 14", 12" (41cm, 35cm, 30cm). This is best used with the addition of a support underneath (not included, but easy to make if you're practically minded. The extra large basket below is an easier option, and what I suggest with a dog.
Lorica straps for attaching to handlebars
Child's Bicycle basket
Child's size Traditional Bike Basket
This basket is of similar appearance to the baskets for adult sized bicycles, but scaled for a 16" to 20" wheel children's bike.

There is a photo of one of these baskets on my customers page.

For fitting instructions, click here.
Width, Length and Height (all relative to the bike) Price
Buy it now price
includes postage and straps
8.5", 6.5", 6" (22cm, 16cm, 15cm) - child's size
Lorica straps for attaching to handlebars
Bike Basket for carrying larger load
Extra large front basket with support

This basket is a little larger than the baskets above. At the top it is only slightly larger, but the base is considerably bigger to so that it is a good fit for the front rack that I can sell with it. This combination will carry quite heavy loads and is what I currently recommend should be used if you wish to carry a small dog with you, as some of my customers already do. Note that carrying a dog is at your own risk. I do not know how your dog behaves nor what your area is like to cycle in.

You can order the basket without the front rack, but if you do so you will have to provide your own support for the basket. It is too large to attach with just a pair of straps.

Width, Length and Height
17", 14", 12" (43cm, 36cm, 30cm)
Same basket bundled with a handlebar mounting front rack for attachment to the bike and a pair of straps - saving .
Picture of rear rectangular bike basket
Picture of rear rectangular bike basket
Small rear rectangular basket
For all sorts of different bikes, can be used on the front as well as rear. It's narrow in order to avoid conflicting with legs, the length is that which fits on an average rack. Capacity is 11 litres, plus whatever you have poking out the top. I have had a similar basket on my town bike for many years. With a bungie stretched across the top it's ideal for getting stuff to and from work, for shopping trips etc.

For fitting instructions, click here.
Width, Length and Height
9.5", 13", 7.5" (21cm, 33cm, 19cm)
Same size with a lid and one strap for closure
Large rear rectangular bike basket
Large rear rectangular bicycle basket
Large rear rectangular basket
A larger rear basket shaped so that it will fit behind the saddle without interfering with your legs. The top is lower at the front than at the rear,so no lid is possible on this design. I recommend fitting a bungie as shown in the photograph as this allows oversized items to be carried without being too large for the basket. While I would expect the smaller rear basket to work on nearly any bike without conflicting with your legs, I am less sure about this style. Before ordering, please measure your bike to make sure there is room for the basket vertically between your rack and the bottom of the saddle. I can make the basket a custom height to fit. Due to its length, this basket is longer than a typical carrier rack.

For fitting instructions, click here.
Width, Length and Height (front and back)
11" (28cm), 16" (41cm), 7.5" (19cm), 8.5" (22cm)
Aerodynamic basket for recumbent bicycle
This basket has a stripe in green willow
Recumbent bike rear basket
This is designed specifically for recumbent bicycles and tricycles (if you're unsure what one of those is, click on the pictures to the left for some photos). If you want a rear basket for a traditional bike, please look at the rear rectangular baskets above on this page.

This is actually a similar shape to the traditional bike basket, but it is sloped back in order to make it fit behind the seat of a recumbent bicycle and it has a closable lid. A small hole is provided to allow a camelbak or similar hydration system to be kept in the basket. It has capacity for about 30 litres of luggage, which compares well with many panniers. Panniers can also be fitted, as this mounts on the top of the rack. Positioned behind the rider, this is a relatively aerodynamic way of carrying luggage, as it is shaped like a rear fairing. It may actually increase your speed. The left and right sides of the basket are vertical, the base 12" long to fit on to a standard rack. Click on the image to see more pictures of this basket mounted on different bikes. The price includes a single lorica strap to hold the basket shut. One of these fitted to a customer's bike can be seen here.

I used this basket and a map basket on the bike I rode from Land's End to John o'Groats.

For fitting instructions, click here. For this basket I strongly recommend using the first method of fitting.
Width, Length and Height
15", 16", 10" (38cm, 41cm, 25cm)
Chainring guard
Recumbent bike Chainring Guard
This chainring guard is an inexpensive way of making your bike "legal" for racing. Any exposed chainring at the front must be covered to comply with BHPC rules. Click on the picture to see more photos of the chainring guard and dimensions. If you have a different size chainring, contact me for a price.
To suit a 52 tooth chainring (for more details see here)
Photo of a basket suitable for a butcher's bike
Butcher's / Delivery bike basket
Suitable as a replacement basket for delivery bikes. The example shown was made as part of a restoration project of a Pashley butcher's bike. Baskets like this can be made to order to fit any bike frame.

You will need to provide me with the internal dimensions of the frame. Note that height should not be such that it becomes impossible to steer the bike. The basket can be taller at the front than the back - or visa-versa. Also note that many frames do not have parallel sides, so please make sure you have measured this. Also, hand holes in the side of the basket are optional. You will see examples of bikes fitted with baskets both with and without handholes on the examples page.

Prices will vary depending on the size of the basket. The basket shown is only one example. I have made many delivery bike baskets, some of which you can see here amongst my photos of customer's bikes.

If you want a basket like this but don't have a delivery bike already, consider fitting one of my front racks to your bike to accomodate a larger than usual basket.

The size and price will depend on the bike that you want a basket for. The basket will be made specifically to fit your bike. Typically, a delivery bike with a smaller front wheel than rear needs a basket roughly the first size and a bike with two equal size wheels needs a size similar to the second size. The prices below are for guidance.
Width, Length, front height, back height
25", 19", 15", 13" (64cm, 48cm, 38cm, 33cm) (small front wheel)
(large front wheel)
Photo of a basket suitable for a BOB Yak trailer
BOB Yak trailer basket
Basket made to fit a BOB Yak trailer. This is an unusual shape, being narrower at the back than at the midpoint and with a curved end.
Minimum Width, Maximum Width, Length at top, Height
14", 16", 28", 12" (35cm, 41cm, 71cm, 30cm)
Bicycle Basket sized to take an Ordnance Survey map
Bicycle basket on tri-bars
Map Basket
Normal bike baskets won't fit on drop handlebar bikes. I designed this size to take an Ordnance Survey map and still fit. As it's narrow, there is plenty of room left on the handlebars. Due to being tall, things in the basket don't bounce out on to the road even if you ride over a speed bump fast.

This basket is big enough for a map, a water bottle (or wine bottle) and your sandwiches. It also works with straight bars, or even with tri-bars. If fitting to tri-bars you will need to make sure that the basket is not too tall, so measure the distance between your bars and front wheel and I'll make one the right size for you.

This basket can also be used on the side of the seat on some recumbents. I used one on my Land's End to John O'Groats ride to keep a map, water and snacks so I could reach them when riding.
Width, Length, Height
6.5" (17cm), 4.5" (11cm), 10.5" (27cm)
Lorica straps for attaching to handlebars
Pannier style bicycle basket
Pannier style basket
These can be attached to either side of a rear rack to provide more storage. Another photo of a bike with one of these fitted is shown here.
Width, Length, Height
8", 13", 10" (20cm, 33cm, 25cm)
Lorica straps for attaching to rear rack
Brompton bicycle basket Brompton Basket
More photos here. This is 40 cm wide and 30 cm tall to exactly fit on a Brompton carrier.
Width, Length, Height Price
40 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm
Straps to attach to Brompton Carrier

Fitting baskets to your bike

Front baskets can usually be fitted securely by using straps to the handlebars. I have some Lorica straps for sale, which you can see here. It is important that quite a bit of the wicker work is inside the straps in order to spread the load. More instructions for fitting a front basket are shown here.

Frame fixing bicycle front rack

For some bikes, especially with large loads, you may also want to support the basket from underneath and we supply several different types of front rack to do this.

Rear baskets are best secured by bolting them down to a rack on the bike. We sell fixing parts to do this, also see our recommended do it yourself technique.

Other luggage carrying options

Head-tube mounting rack

V-brake mounting rack

Sturdy "postal" rear rack

Standard Dutch rear rack

Briefcase carrier

Crate to fit racks

Rear rack widener for crates

Huge 65 litre capacity panniers

Care of your bike basket

I very strongly recommend that baskets are varnished using a high quality exterior gloss varnish before use on a bike. This is in order to make them more resistant to the weather and increase their lifespan. If your bike will not be used in wet weather at all then the benefit is less. If a basket becomes wet, it is essential to make sure it dries out thoroughly as soon as possible. Not to do this could promote mould or rotting.

How do the baskets get shipped ?

You may be interested to learn that my baskets start their journey to the customer by bicycle. I mostly use an Xtracycle for this. After this they continue their journey from the local post office. Shipping time depends on how far they have to go. Usually it takes under a week to the UK and about two weeks to the US. One basket took just four days to be delivered to Australia.

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