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Straps for bicycle baskets

I sell high quality English Made Lorica straps for attaching baskets to bikes, closing lids etc. Lorica is a hard wearing synthetic material, similar to leather in appearance but suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It does not go stiff over time as leather does.

See also the bike baskets I make for use with these straps.

I have only one size of strap. They measure 10.5" (26.5cm) from the point to the centre of the buckle. You may need to cut them down for some uses, this can be done with a pair of scissors. Similarly, you may need a hole closer to the buckle than the 5.25" (13cm) of these straps. It is fairly easy to make an additional hole.

Note how the straps pass through the basket some way down from the border. This is to minimise the strain placed on just a few withies and attaches the basket to the bike in a sturdy fashion. This is adequate for most bike and baskets for the loads that you are likely to carry. For some large baskets, different shaped handlebars or extreme loads it may be necessary to also support the basket from underneath.

To make gaps in the wickerwork wide enough for the straps to fit, push a screwdriver between the withies.

You can buy these straps together with other items on the Dutch Bike Bits website.

Fixing parts for baskets on racks

We also have these fixing parts for attaching a basket to a rack. Supplied as a set of three.

Or, see my range of Bicycle baskets.

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