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English Delivery Bicycles

Delivery bikes have varied quite a lot over the years. I've made many baskets to fit both old and new delivery bicycles. Some are shown on my website. They always have to be made to measure as few are the same size. This page shows some pictures I was given of a range of traditional British Butchers/Delivery Bicycles.

Please note that at the moment I do not have material with which to make a delivery bike basket. Please do not send email asking me to do so.

Similar bikes are of course known by other names in other languages. For instance, transportfiets or bakfiets in Dutch, veloporteur or porteur in French, paketcykel in Swedish. Americans tend to know them as Truck Cycles or Freight bicycles. I can make baskets to order to fit any bicycle from any country, just like the one shown here (click on the photo to make it larger).

Converting an existing bike

If you are looking for a delivery bicycle, consider using one of our sturdy front racks to convert a standard bike. We have a variety of types, suitable for converting nearly any existing bicycle into a capable delivery bicycle:

mounting rack

Frame mounting

mounting rack

V-brake mounting

Rack for
child's bicycle

Also rear racks
and accessories

Pictures of historical bicycles

1913 Humber tradesman's bike

The "Tradesmans" Humber "Standard Carrier Basket". I like the use of a basket with handle on this one.

Note that this has the frame attached to the front wheel and so the weight in the basket loads the steering. This isn't so good for heavy loads but does make it easier to put bulkier items on a bicycle. I sell a modern front rack which mounts in a similar way to most bicycles, and also another which mounts to the frame as in most other examples on this page.

1924 James carrier cycles

James C1 Carrier Cycle. Note the very unusual splayed fork design on this bike.

The Bi-Carrier is a bicycle side-car. Really high capacity.

1924 James Carrier Cycles

James D1, D2 and Samson carrier tricycle.

"Suitable for Grocers, Fishmongers, Butchers, etc."

1937 Ivy Duplex Carrier

Ivy Duplex Model D.

Royal Enfield Carrier bike

Royal Enfield Low Gravity Carrier model LG.

Gundle handymotor carrier bike

Gundle "Handymotor" Carrier cycle with a Vincent "Firefly" 2-stroke engine.

165mpg doesn't sound bad at all, but you'd better not run out of fuel. It weighs 42.7 kg without the load.

If you've an interest in old bikes, you may also be interested in a trip we made to a Dutch Bicycle Museum.

You may also be interested to know that delivery of the baskets I make starts with a modern delivery bicycle.

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