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David Hembrow

Traditional English Willow basketmaker. Assen, Netherlands    ---    Worldwide shipping

Willow shortage

Please note that due to a limited supply of both willow and time I'm not making as many baskets as I used to.

Those baskets which I do make at present appear on the website of our online bicycle parts and accessories shop. Click here to go directly to the baskets which are currently in stock.

We have two other small businesses with which we support ourselves, selling tried and tested bicycle components and organising cycling holidays in the beautiful area in which we live.

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Pictures of bicycles with my baskets attached

Every bike basket shown on this page was made by myself in my own workshop. They are high quality, long-lasting and, above all, practical bicycle baskets. My family and I cycle daily and we use these bike baskets on our own bikes.

I've sent baskets to people all around the world and some customers have been kind enough to send photos back to me of their bikes with the baskets fitted.

You can jump to children, people, dogs, delivery bikes, other nice bikes.

Cristina's bike and basket
Cristina's was given a child's bike basket as a present. She finds that it is "great for putting cakes in".

I agree. Cakes do go very well with cycling. I've given a few a ride in the baskets on my bikes.
Emma In Lancaster

Emma's basket is the 14" wide size of traditional bike basket.

This is the size of bike basket that I suggest most people should have. It's the size that I have on my own bike, and that I've fitted to the bikes of other members of my family.

This size allows shopping up to a weight which is safe to carry on the front of a bike to be easily accomodated, but doesn't make it easy to overload the front of your bike.

Of course, if you have a dog to carry or a large bag or case, I can make you a larger basket to suit.

Caroline in Cambridge
Caroline needed a larger basket to take a case that she carries with her. This basket has a rectangular shape and a red stripe.

This is a custom shape. Please contact me if you would like something similar.
My family all use my baskets daily
My family on their bikes
We all use traditional front baskets for our trips around town, and beyond.

Jon Senior's home built recumbent
An impressive home built bike which rides very well. More details here:

The basket is a recumbent rear basket.

Cambridge customer with custom basket on bike
This basket was made with an unusual angle at the front to fit the rack exactly.

Fernando and Fosse with the Extra Large basket and front rack

Fernando and Fosse live in London. Fosse rides in comfort in the Extra Large basket supported by a front rack.

A bike basket for a dog
Cambridge resident Daisy, a Jack Russell, in her bike basket.

This basket was made to be short enough so that Daisy can see out, but tall enough to prevent her from falling out. I can make any size of basket to suit your dog, but for obvious reasons this is only a sensible idea for smaller breeds.

The usual size for dogs is the 16" wide traditional bike basket. This works for most dogs of a size that they can be carried safely on the front of a bike. If you would like a different size basket, please work out what size you need and ask me for a quote.

There are fitting instructions here.

Ann Griffiths' Westie
This westie is sitting in a 16" wide bike basket mounted with a custom bracket on a Dahon folding bike.
Mary Hutton (and Fudge)
Mary's electric bike has a large ( 16" ) front basket and a large rear basket which I made with matching patterns.

Before the baskets made it onto the bike, Mary's cat took up temporary residence:

Hamish and Kevin
Hamish enjoying a tour of Rousay on Kevin's bike.

The basket is a 16" wide traditional bike basket.
Harry's Dog Trailer
Our dog is too big for a basket on our bikes, but he's no longer left behind on family bike rides due to having a trailer to ride in. More details here.

I can make baskets to fit all sorts of trailers. For example, the basket to fit a BOB YAK trailer.

If you would like a custom basket like this to fit a trailer, please contact me.

Hanna's delivery bike

Hanna lives in Helsinki. I made this basket to fit her delivery bike.

Andy Palmer, handyman

Andy Palmer is a Cambridge based traditional handyman who uses this bike, with the basket, in his business of property maintenance and decoration.

You can contact Andy on Cambridge 01223 464995, or email

I make delivery bike baskets to order.

If you are looking for the equivalent of a "Butcher's Bike", please note that we sell frame and handlebar mounted front and rear racks which transform almost any kind of bicycle into a very useful delivery bike, and of course these can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Modern electric assist delivery bike with trailer
Modern Electric assist delivery bike with trailer

This bike is used by a sandwich delivery service. The bike has an electric assist mechanism, which helps with pulling the large and heavy trailer which is used for food delivery.

I'm very pleased to hear requests for similar unusual bike and trailer baskets. Contact me for a quote.

Simon Nuttall's delivery bike

Simon has a web site here

The basket is a custom make delivery bike basket.

Howard Rice
Howard is a Cambridge based garden photographer who uses this bike for his business.

The basket was custom made for this delivery bike.

East End Cycles
A pair of baskets for two different styles of delivery bikes. Ordering details here.
Bob Donaldson's Raleigh butcher's bike

Nicely restored with basket made to fit.

If you want a similar basket for a bicycle of your own, please contact me for a quote.

1930s Curry's Limited Butcher's bike

This bike belongs to a customer who is restoring the bike. The basket was made especially to fit the frame on the front.

More details here, or contact me for a quote.

Extra Large front basket
Barb in New York has an extra large front basket on her bike, supported by the handlebar mounting rack.

She says "...i love it gets used in almost all weather!"

The baskets can be used in all weathers, but I recommend that they are treated with weather resistance varnish. If they get wet, please make sure they are given a chance to dry out.

A traditional Dutch style bike
This is a child's size bike, with 24" wheels.

The front basket is the 14" wide size traditional front basket, the rear is the pannier basket.

A pair of baskets for Jill Simmonds
Two baskets made for Jill Simmonds' bikes. A rear recumbent basket with lid and an oval front bike basket with handle and a space for attaching a light.

The front basket is the 14" wide size traditional front basket, the rear is the pannier basket.
Doug Shaker's Centurion Mixte restoration
This excellent restoration project is described in full here. The basket is the 14" wide traditional bike basket made with a spiral pattern of white willow.
Gina's moulton and basket
I made Gina a basket for her Moulton with a handle on it so that it can be used for shopping as well.
Michael Pettman's Moulton
Michael's very nicely restored Moulton series 1 with a basket made in the shape of the original Moulton baskets.

Series 1 Moulton
A series 1 Moulton bicycle which I bought in a bit of a bad way but which is now a nice bike to ride. I've a story which you can read about this one.

Radical Design Cyclone trailer

I made this basket to fit the frame of a Radical Design Cyclone trailer.

Matt Glaser's fast commuter bike

Matt uses this bike for commuting in Seattle.

This is the large rear rectangular size, 16" in length.

If you like cycling at speed, note that this arrangement is surely more aerodynamic than panniers projecting from either side of the bike.

Basket for a Brompton bicycle
This basket is made to fit the Brompton Rack. It is removable like any other Brompton luggage. There are more
photos here

Margaret's bike and basket
I made this basket especially to fit the rack on the front of Margaret's bike. The photo was taken beside "The Strand" bike path in California, which Margaret sometimes uses as part of
her commuting route.

Mrs Quivey's bike
This basket found its way to California where Mrs Quivey uses it for her commute to a maximum security prison.

The bike parking at this location is very secure - it's underneath a gun tower !

This is a
14" wide front basket.
Peter Spital's Dawes Geneca with basket Peter Spital's Dawes bike

This small rectangular rear basket is used to carry small quantities of shopping. Peter passes on the following message:

"I enclose a photo of it fitted to the bike in case anyone else wants to fit one to a Dawes Geneva. I have made it easily demountable by attaching it to a wooden board in the base of which I have machined slots to accommodate the bars of the rack. I have secured the board by using a couple of industrial toggle clamps."

Flevobike Oke-Ja fitted with a recumbent rear basket

This flevobike is fitted with a variation on the recumbent rear basket which a little taller than usual and not fitted with a lid.

If you would like a completely unique basket to fit your bicycle, please contact me with details of what you have in mind.

Terry Clark's Raleigh 20

A much modified Raleigh 20 fitted with a unique seatpost mounted basket which I made for his tools and waterproof.

If you would like a completely unique basket to fit your bicycle, please contact me with details of what you have in mind.

My wife's bike with matching front and rear baskets
If you want baskets which match in pattern, then please ask.

The front basket is the 14" wide traditional style and the rear is the large rear rectangular basket, 16" long.

The bike is a modern Dutch town bike, which is comfortable to ride, keeps the rider clean and extremely reliable due to all the important parts (gears, brakes, chain) being under enclosed. On my blog there is a full description of this bike.

Parts to convert your existing bike to be more like this can be found here.

My town bike
A nice old English 3 speed. An ideal town bike, with
North Road handlebars and having mudguards, chain guard, reliable dynamo lights and with a Dutch style lock on the rear wheel. So, nothing to remove from it when it's in town and it doesn't make a mess of my clothes either. I've fitted it with matching front and back baskets so it can carry a lot of shopping.

I can always make matching sets of baskets with the same patterns on them. This set has a 14" wide front basket and the large rear rectangular 16" long.

The rack on the back of this bike is a Blackburn MTN2, and this bike also featured in a video.

If you have a photo of your bike fitted with one of my baskets and would like to see it here, please send me a copy.

I've a few pictures of delivery bikes here.

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