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Dog / Shopping trailer basket

We decided we could do with a trailer to take our dog on bike rides with us, also to allow for walkies further from home. However, this type of basket can be made any size and is also ideal for shopping trips.

Why a trailer and how was it made ?

For a well behaved dog up to about 10 kg in weight it is possible for them to be transported on the front of a bike in a basket. However, larger dogs like our Labrador cross are much too large for this.

Commercial bicycle trailers for dogs are available, but our solution was to get an old and well used child trailer from a car boot sale and to strip it down to just the metalwork:

Next, a piece of plywood was cut to size, and I made a basket to fit using the plywood as a base:

Now our dog can travel with us in style:

If you're interested in a similar basket for a bike trailer, please get in touch. It will require some DIY. It would be best for you to cut a piece of plywood to fit your trailer, and to mark underneath where it will be obscured by the frame of the trailer. I can then make a basket as high as required. A couple of inches around the edge will have to be left clear for the plywood to fit the frame as you can see in the photos above.

You do, of course, need a fairly well behaved dog in order to be able to do this. Our dog has a short lead attached to a hook near the front of the trailer which is enough to stop him trying to climb out.

Here is a short video of the dog trailer in use:

Prices of such baskets will vary depending on the size of basket required.

Some customers of mine use my baskets to carry their dogs and I also make baskets to fit other trailers, and have many to fit the excellent BOB YAK trailer.

We have a webshop in which we sell practical bicycles parts which we recommend, including tyres which fit bicycle trailers, and of course bicycle trailers for dogs.

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