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Fixing baskets to bicycle racks

These techniques are equally good for fitting a basket to either a rear rack or a front rack.

If you're looking for pictures of bike baskets, please see the bicycle baskets page or the photos of baskets mounted on bikes.

1. Bolting on a basket.

The preferred way of fixing a basket to the rear of a bicycle is to use a solid rear rack (carrier) under the basket and to bolt the basket to it. I use a "sandwich" of sheet steel , which spreads the load, and rubber (off cuts from old inner tubes or tyres are suitable) to protect the basket from sharp edges. By doing this it is held securely and safely. A few photos are below:

For this basket I used part of an old folding tyre to hold the basket.

Rubber and steel underneath as well. The rubber underneath helps to prevent the basket from sliding on the rack. Also note the nyloc nuts used so that the basket does not become loose.

To make holes in the wickerwork large enough for the bolts to fit through, simply push a screwdriver between the withies.

2. Wiring on a basket.

A simpler way of mounting a rear basket is to use wire. For instance, old spokes can do this quite well. I do not recommend this where a large load is expected to be carried as the load is concentrated over a smaller area of wickerwork and will cause damage sooner. However, for many uses, this is adequate. I have used this method for my town bike for many years without damage. Note that at least two wires will be required, near the front and near the back of the basket.

Interior view, showing how the wire passes over several withies parallel with the rack and is pulling them directly downwards.

View from underneath, showing the ends of the same wire and how they grip the rack.

It is important that the wire grip firmly enough that the basket does not move on the rack when in use.

3. Using commercial fixings.

We have now found a reliable supply of good quality commercial parts to fix baskets and crates onto racks. This is far less time consuming than finding the parts for the DIY alternative and the result is neater.

For instructions on fitting a front basket, look here.

A number of different bikes with my baskets attached can be seen here.

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