You've reached the Hembrow family website. Between us, we are involved in a range of activities, all connected with cycling:

Dutch Bike Bits
Our parts and accessories webshop with emphasis on:
  • Luggage racks
  • Bike baskets
  • Upright handlebars
  • Dynamo powered lights
  • Secure Locks
  • Parts for recumbents and velomobiles
  • Converting existing bikes to be more comfortable and practical
  • Unusual parts for maintenance of older bicycles.

  • A View from the Cycle Path - our blog about cycling in the Netherlands
    including details of policy and planning.

    Also see: The Campaign for Childhood Freedom

    Games for the ZX Spectrum

    Basket Maker ?

    I originally set up this website to advertise and sell the baskets which I make. I do still make baskets, but fewer of them. My willow supply is not so good as it was, and I have other jobs too (as detailed above).

    The original web pages still exist and are linked to below. Those baskets which I currently have for sale are to be found on the dutchbikebits webshop:

    A tradition of basketmaking

    The Hembrow name originates from Somerset in England. We have been basket makers for at least four generations, and still make baskets in the traditional English style using traditional English Willow, grown on the Somerset levels. The craft has been passed down through the generations, father to son.

    The history of basket making in the Hembrow family is a large part of the history of the family itself. The history page has some photos of my family, and various baskets produced over the generations.

    My baskets have travelled far and wide. I have many customers in the UK and USA, some as far away as Australia and Japan. Postage from the Netherlands is quite economical.

    Bicycle Baskets
    Pictures of bicycles with my baskets on them
    Children's Baskets
    Other wicker baskets
    Wheeled shopping basket
    Made to Measure / Bespoke / Unusual Baskets
    Repairs, Restorations and Reproductions of baskets
    Video of me making a basket
    Front Luggage Carrying Bike Racks
    History and information
    Colours of willow
    Deze paginas in het Nederlands

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